It’s been almost a year now, and many things have happened in that amount of time.  I’ve traveled to Cambodia, finished my first year of college, had huge change in point of view, and moved over 1000 miles away to be with people who I now consider my family.  I currently live with 4 others.  3 are other wolf therians, (or as we currently call ourselves, shifters) and one good friend who isn’t. Although she knows about the four of us.  We come from all over the place.  BB came from Philadelphia, Hal came from Florida, and Miles Utah.   We all met online through therian sites, and have had certain experiences with our wolves that make us want to pursue things even further.  So we all pulled together and have a house now.  Since moving in with them I’ve been able to witness partial physical shifts, strange effects of energy, and possible partial shifts of myself.

Since I’ve known BB, I learned that he would have random partial shifts of his body. Usually his teeth or eyes, but he has been known to get fur.  I had not seen any of these in person, only a few photos of fur and teeth.  Seeing it in person, I felt it more than anything.  It was his tooth I first saw.  When it grew, it was gradual. So gradual, that you really don’t see anything in between, but you can easily tell the difference between the two.  At that point, any doubts about physical shifting disappeared. I still to this day do doubt on occasion, but I always remember what I’ve seen.

My first direct experience with energy ended with a burn on my arm.  Miles and I were teasing each other, and ended up wrestling for a little.  Somehow in the middle of that, I ended up getting a burn on my arm that even blistered. shortly after we stopped.  Now I’m not entirely 100% positive what would have caused it. Miles and I both have discussed it multiple occasions. Both of us felt, at that time, a large amount of energy.  There was nothing hot in the room that would cause that kind of burn. only thing that happened was he grabbed my arm.

My possible physical shifts happened on two occasions. First was when I was getting out of the car. I was already experiencing a mental shift at that time.  BB looked back at me and had said something about my teeth shifting.  I didn’t feel anything physically, although I did have a strong mental shift at that time.  I’m still not entirely sure if it happened, but BB did say he saw it. I’m still unsure of it.  The second was also with BB.  Him and I were both experiencing a mental shift, and I was able to feel and manipulate my energy a little at that time. I pressed on his chest where his heart chakra would be and he started moving his jaw strangely. He opened his mouth a little and I saw his tooth shifting.  I managed a short response saying “tooth”.  He did similar to me, although at my throat chakra.  He said “eyes” indicating that my eyes were changing color. again, I don’t know if it really happened.  Honestly, eyes shifting I’m skeptical of in general.  I did feel something with the energy he tried to push into me, but not necessarily that.  Again, I was at a point where I couldn’t exactly confirm, nor deny the happening.