This is probably one of the strangest continuation of events I’ve had happen not only to me, but the rest of my brothers.  During the time when my brothers and I were planning our meeting in Colorado at this time.  Hal was in college at this time.  He had a concert he had to go to that he was helping with, and before leaving, had a strange text message that said “don’t go.”  It had no name with it. only that it was through a text messaging site called Textem.  Hal found the message interesting, but went anyways. Shortly after he arrived, he felt very sick and ended up going home from it anyways.  Over the next few months, Hal received more messages similar to the first one.  Not exactly warnings though. Most just mentioned about strong energies.  One message finally introduced who this person was.  I cannot recall the exact message, but it said his name was Noah, and was not out to harm us (he did mention all of us, not just Hal) but would help us if he could.  Now all of us had many therian contacts. None of us have come across a person by that name.  He also seemed to know a lot of things about us, such as the strange thing about Hal getting sick, as well as messaging Hal when BB had partial shifts on occasion.  There were long periods of silence between most of his messages, but they were fairly consistent with being accurate in what he spoke about.

When I went to go visit my brothers the January before I moved, We received another message from him.  The message indicated about all of us being together again.  This was shortly after I had arrived at the house, which was about midnight.  A bit freaked out, but in the end, it wasn’t the first time he did something like that.  later while I was still visiting, Hal received a call from him.  They spoke about BB and how he had trouble with energy that would cause some of his involuntary partial shifts, but we didn’t know anything we could do to help.  Hal asked Noah, but he didn’t have any suggestions either.  The call ended fairly quick leaving us to talk about what was going on with him and our suspicions about him.  The rest of the trip went by without any other word from him.

When I was back at college only for 3 weeks, I received a message from Noah myself.  It was through textem.  I was a little freaked out honestly.  I rarely give out my number to people, much less people I meet on therian sites other than Hal, BB, and Miles.  The message said that energy was high, and we would be receiving a lot of shifting energy with the possibility of one of us shifting that night.I felt strange that night, but nothing that seemed to indicate anything strange or shifting.  I was more freaked out that he had my number.  I found out later that Miles had also received the same message.  A couple weeks after that, Hal sent me a conversation he had with Noah over YIM. ( I do have the conversation saved, but will not provide it here)  Noah spoke to Hal, apologizing for not providing an easier means of communication.  He then went on to speak about each of us, saying some personal information about each of us and our current situations.  With me, he said that I was uncertain I was where I needed to be because I wanted to be with the rest of my brothers (which was very accurate for me at that time).  I won’t be sharing information about the others because it’s not my place, but I will say that what he said about BB struck a very personal nerve and has caused him to dislike Noah.

yet, another couple weeks go by and I get an email from Noah.  (once again I didn’t give him my email address, nor did anyone else)  He was offering help if I ever needed it. I was grateful and messaged him back with my primary email (I’ve got quite a few different ones).  another few weeks pass by, and I was in the middle of a small conflict with some life choices.  Strangely enough Noah shows up, saying that he felt something was off with me.  (great, I’m not even safe in my own mind)  So I end up talking to him about me trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life (college and job wise).  I had narrowed it down to two different choices for myself, but found it difficult.  Between music and computers.  Noah started talking about how I used to play the sax (again, did not even mention anything about that to him before)  and basically helped me weigh my options.  I kept being surprised how much he knew about me.  He even sent Miles our own address.

I kept a decent amount of contact with Noah for a little while.  While I spent 4 weeks at my brother’s apartment, he was messing with me.  Apparently he could astral project.  He was making comments to me about my brother’s apartment while I was talking to him once, saying that I should have locked the door (I had forgotten to lock it when my brother left for work). Was a little creepy for me, but this wasn’t the strangest thing that had happened to me at that point.

So after I had moved with my brothers, Noah said he was going to visit.  This actually happened two different times, but we have still yet to meet him. The first time, he was arrested (for details, send me a private message), second his grandfather died, leaving his family in quite a troubled state.  During the time with my brothers, we have learned that he also has a pack of his own.  We don’t know how large, or who the others are, but they are cautious of us.  We believe it was due to somebody else that Noah tried to help, and things didn’t turn out well. Again, we don’t know details, but it’s the general picture we’ve gathered.  We also found out that Noah’s grandfather was skilled in spirituality, meditation, and things of that nature.  We do eventually hope to meet Noah and learn what we can from him, but that day is still sometime in the future. We don’t hear much from him lately, but he has said that for whatever reason, there is something important about the four of us (my brothers and I) being together.   I hope to learn what we will grow into.  Also, Something very important I nearly forgot to mention.  Noah can physically shift at will. Now this is based only on his claim, but with everything else that we have seen him capable, this wouldn’t be unbelievable.  Now I’m still skeptical about it, but seems more likely that the usual 15-18 year olds claiming to shift. together.