My spirit guide is very maternal, and has been with me for longer than I had ever realized.  Her name is Mary. She is the same Mary from Christianity who gave birth to Jesus. It’s here that my Catholic upbringing has a huge influence.  I’ve always had a close relationship with her.  as a child, I would have bad nightmares.  I was given a statue of Mary and slept with it. The nightmares still happened, but not as often.  It was subtle at first, but my connection grew with her. I’ve kept the statue and still have it.  At one point she did save me from a very stupid mistake which unfortunately I won’t be sharing because it’s a little too personal, and honestly, I’m ashamed about what I tried to do. I will however, speak about another great experience I had with her.

I was in Mass.  At this time in my life, I was still living at home, moving into my dorm soon, had met my brothers and had planned on moving in after my first year of college.  I was still confused on how being a wolf would work in my life and whether or not I was doing the right thing.  I always had the feeling that by following it may not have been right.  I was very confused.  I sat in church thinking about everything. I looked to my right and saw a woman in a large, beautiful blue cloak.  I looked at her face to see that she was smiling. Unfortunately all of this was just a glance. It didn’t occur to me what I had looked at until a few seconds later. When I looked back, she wasn’t there.  I kept trying to recall everything that I saw, but didn’t come up with much.  Though I know what I saw, and who she was.  I spoke to my parents about it afterwards. They knew about my relationship with her.  My mom asked me what she said. I hesitated for a moment, not even thinking that she had anything to say. As I thought about it, her voice rang in my head and I simply replied “I’m still here”.  My parents didn’t quite know what that meant other than that I had not heard much from her in a while. To me, it meant that being a wolf didn’t mean that I was doing anything wrong, and that she would still be there for me.  I was grateful for that moment.  Even towards the end of my first year of college, I learned that one of her common symbols is the moon. Now even though the full moon thing with wolves, generally is based off myths, me (as well as my pack) do feel a strong connection with the moon. for me, it shows that Mary is there, and has always been there. Even if I didn’t realize it.  I’m grateful for her always.