I love being human, and I love being a wolf. Sometimes I feel torn between the two though. I often feel trapped by the typical human lifestyle. Working just for money to live.  An endless cycle that doesn’t seem to end.  The more I look at the way society functions, the more it looks like a cage to me.  I love to learn new things, I love to explore, and experience life.  Here’s where it gets tough.  My ideal living situation would be able to have enough money, not being tied down by anything to go traveling, and learning further about spirituality and being a wolf.  There are so many people out there that I’m sure I could learn from.  These people however aren’t always easy to find. A good example would be Noah.  We have contact with him. Not always consistent, but there’s contact usually every few months at the longest wait.  We have a vague idea where he is, but nothing all that specific.  There are even some other sources that are out of the country that we (my brothers and I) have heard of.  The problem? Money.  It costs a lot of money to do that.  I’m still young and trying to get my life together, but there is so much I want to learn and do.  I feel held back by the fact our society is run, led, and can be destroyed by money.  If I could, I would live a much simpler lifestyle as a wolf and human. Unfortunately, this is something I have yet to figure out, so this is something I can achieve in the future.  Maybe I’m not being completely realistic, but I do hope to someday achieve something like that.  At the very least be happy with how I earn a living and not feel so confined.  even better, I hope to find a lifestyle that doesn’t feel so conflicting.  Something that integrates the good aspects of both human and wolf to live a happy life.