This is just a fun little story that happened to me when I was about 17, or 18.  My brother and I were driving home from visiting family.  We were not too far from home, and stopped at a place to get some food to bring home.  We found a KFC. My brother was ordering the food. I stood around, basically by myself except for a single family. A mother and three kids, a daughter who looked about 2, or 3, and two sons maybe a couple years older.  The little girl tugged on her mom’s sleeve, pointed to me and said “look mommy, a doggie.” now, once again, there were no other people around but me, the employees (who were all in the back, or behind the register), and my brother.  I took a quick glance, and nobody was even around me.  I stopped, and looked towards the family to see the mother quietly hushing her daughter’s comment.  All I could do was laugh to myself and smile.  This was probably the cutest way I’d been recognized as a wolf.  Though this did bring up some questions about the young, and the innocent children being able to see things of a spiritual nature. Even going as far to what in particular enables them to see.  My personal guess would be innocence.  I’ve had a few discussions with others about that, and generally tend to agree, but also makes me wonder how we can try to tap into and even regain a similar view and what we would be able to see if we were able to.