This was an unpleasant dream.  I was in the room I had when I grew up in the convent. I don’t quite remember what I was doing there, but right above my bed there was a picture.  It kept appearing and reappearing.  It was a young girl in her early teens.  The picture was black and white except for what she had. It was first a red bundle of yarn, then it changed to a scarf or something like that.  The most interesting thing about the picture was the feeling I felt from it.  It felt absolutely horrible, heavy, and fear.  I tried talking to it, but when I tried moving my mouth it felt so heavy.  When I tried to speak, only whispers came out.  Finally when I was able to get the words out, I asked what it wanted. I know it responded, but I cannot remember what it said. The remainder of the dream, I kept struggling with it.