I recently had the opportunity to meet with a rather strange individual.  He was spiritual, but also delved into more of the scientific side of things.  He was out to find proof and evidence of spiritual activity.  This isn’t a bad thing at all, except for the reasoning behind it, and the method he chose.  He was out for power. Very much for personal gain.  There also was another spirit with him.  He said it was him, but separate. It was strange how he explained it and I don’t know exactly what it is, but it knew him very well. It followed him all of his life and it has potential to be dangerous.  This thing was greedy, and it just wanted to take.  If it could, it would take the life of anyone.  The first night it even was having a go at Hal.  I’m not always able to sense things going on with energy and spirits, but this time, there was no doubt in my mind something was going on.  My energy felt tense, alert, and on edge.  I also felt a weird link to Hal while that was going on that I had not felt in months.  He wasn’t exactly fighting it, but he was keeping it at a distance, not letting it get too close.  Feeling that, my energy went jittery.  It was like I was shaky, but nothing was showing physically. It was all internal. Finally, I just asked help from my spirit guide.  I knew that spirit was just leeching off of us.  I’d felt something like that before, but not with such a sense of urgency or danger.  I asked her to help and protect us.  She didn’t act immediately, but a few minutes later it was as if all exchanges of energy were cut off.  Nothing was moving back and forth anymore.  I was still a bit shaken from all the previous activity, but I didn’t feel threatened anymore.  I spoke about this with a good friend of mine who I consider to be a mentor, and was suggested I get closer with my guide.  I definitely agreed after everything that had happened.  Building a stronger bond with her would give me more protection and probably help me grow spiritually.

Now I do want to say that the guy the spirit came from wasn’t a bad guy.  He was nice, and I had a good time while he visited.  There were just some strong internal things going on.  It’s his journey and he has his own experiences and lessons to learn like everyone else.