This happened while the friend (whom I mentioned in my previous post).  I I had just spoken to another friend of mine who had previously given me advice on getting closer with my spirit guide.  My energy was unstable, feeling like it was jumping all over the place.  He was helping me calm down and ground myself better.  He even helped by putting up an energy shield.  I thanked him and headed back inside where Hal and the visiting friend were sitting inside.  The friend (who I will now refer to as Leon) was taking pictures that produced images of energy orbs.  Some were just spirits that linger around due to the number of us who are aware and occasionally sensitive to energy, others were because Leon was able to make them appear.  I found it fascinating that he was able to do that.  BB and Hal had orbs around them, but I didn’t. I wasn’t sure if it was because of the shield that had just been made for me.  So I decided to try working with it.  Leon began making orbs appear around him. I then began concentrating, pushing my shield out and around him, making sure there was no point where I wasn’t unprotected during the change of the shield.  The pictures he began taking of himself yielded no traces of energy orbs.  He took another picture of Hal, and there were a few around him.  Any more pictures he took of himself or me, had no traces of energy in the pictures.  I pulled back the shield to myself and left back to my room.  I still cannot be completely sure if this was due to me, but there definitely was a change in the pictures in favor of what I was trying to achieve.  During the time I was working with the shield, I could somewhat feel the energy of it.  Not strongly, but I did feel that it was there.  This is one of the few times where I feel I was successful in working with energy that yielded positive results.  I plan on working more with shields for my own protection and hopefully the protection of others as well.