This dream wasn’t particularly pleasant.  I was in a strange citadel/stronghold/prison of some sort.  Everything was made out of metal. The floor was a dark rusty cage-like material, not flimsy or frail in any way.  I couldn’t see the bottom of the fortress.  There were rails made out of metal piping that guided me around the large place.  In addition to the already dark atmosphere, there was intense heat, and fire from below.  I was with a rather large group of roughly 25 people.  Were climbing up and out of the place.  At this point I didn’t quite know why other than escaping the intense heat.  As we made our way up, we went past a heavy door (made out of rusty metal with a small, thick glass window) there were platforms that we had to jump up to, no ladders or railings to help us reach them. The door locked behind us.  I looked below to see fire rising up towards us.  We began jumping towards the platform that was somehow suspended in mid air.  Some didn’t make it there and fell down to I’m assuming their death.  there were several of these platforms that we had to climb up as the fire continued to moving up closer to us.  Finally we made it to another door.  Again it locked behind us.

There was a small path that led to yet another heavy door.  I stood there for a little while looking around. I looked down over the rail, down into the abyss below, small glows of fire visible. This place felt like some kind of weird, twisted balcony The door ahead of us opened, a man coming out.  He motioned for us to follow.  As I went through the door, I had full understanding of this place, and its purpose.  This place was made for entertainment, similar to the Gladiator arenas in Rome.  we were supposed to survive oncoming people trying to kill us.  I looked to my left as I passed through the door.  There was another small wooden door. I went into the room and it was a bathroom. The first part was a small hallway with a sink and mirror with another door at the other end which had a bathtub and toilet.  The bathroom had white tile and walls, with some small blue designs on the wallpaper.  I went to the second part, relieving myself.  I then stayed in there, watching as people came through the metal door.  I didn’t want to go through this.  I didn’t want to kill or be killed.  I wanted out.  As the last person came through the door, I quietly made my way back through the door before it closed and locked. when I looked around the balcony, there was a woman there.  She looked at me briefly, then went to the heavy door.  The man who first opened the door was on the other side of the glass. The entire time no words were spoken, but I knew what they were saying to each other.  She wanted in.  She wanted her freedom that she would get from surviving.  The man nodded, slid the ring on his finger across the side of the door, unlocking it.  I followed the woman.  I felt an obligation to protect her.  I don’t know why, but I knew I had to. When we emerged on the other side I saw the small room on our left. Past that, the metal railing.  I assumed it was a similar setup to the balcony.  The main room in front of us was very large.  It looked like bleachers on the right.  There were people there watching us, but safe from the violence that would begin soon.  There were openings in between certain areas that led in a downward slope, but those were dead ends, more space to run and fight.  All of us who would be fighting were given medieval style weapons, maces, scimitars, daggers, things of that nature.  shortly after we were given our weapons, a horde of people were climbing up from behind the railing, intent on killing us.  I stayed close the woman.  The killing was brutal.  I was people’s faces smashed in, stabbed, blood being sprayed on the floor, insides being torn out.  They were ruthless.  I don’t remember fighting very much, just at one point taking the woman down into one of the hallways in between the bleachers, and keeping her safe there.  Finally, the killing was done.  I had just seen another girl die right in front of me. I wasn’t able to help her. As soon as she fell, I somehow knew that she was the daughter of the woman I had been protecting.  I felt deep sorrow.  Her daughter was beautiful, she seemed kind, I couldn’t understand why any of us were brought to such a place.  Then, everything changed.  The fortress was gone, and I was standing in a park with the woman I had protected.  Once again, I found myself overwhelmed with bad news.  The woman who I protected was pregnant.  The daughter I could not save had not even been born yet.  As a result, the woman had a miscarriage.  I didn’t understand how this was possible, but just felt her sorrow and my own.  I made it through that horrible place, but I didn’t understand the purpose of it.  The intense heat, the horrible violence that had just taken place.

I woke up, still feeling sad about the woman’s daughter. Even if it was just a dream, I felt her daughter was someone important, even now.  I hope whatever happened, and whatever it was that I did the right thing.