I write this with deep sadness, and some hope for whatever the future may hold for me.  My pack is splitting up.  There have been some issues with money, emotions, and even expectations that have caused us to break apart.  I cannot go into too deep details due to respecting their privacy and personal lives, but I am deeply saddened by this.  I see all of them as my family. No questions about it.  I would honestly lay down my life for any of them.  Now we have to part.  This may be temporary, as in we may give it another chance in a year’s time at the shortest.  There aren’t too many bitter feelings towards each other, but I am very sad to lose what we had.  Every person who came to visit, and saw us said we had something beautiful and amazing.  I have so many good times within only the year I’ve been here.  There is so much I’ve learned here, so many stories I can tell, so much love I’ve felt with them.  I won’t be losing everyone.  BB will be rooming with me in college, Hal may set up a new home for us for when we are out of school.  But Miles is leaving us for certain.  We will still keep in contact, but he will be living elsewhere, doing what he feels he needs to do.  There is much uncertainty of my life right now with this split up, but I need to go on.  I need to set myself up for those of us left, and hopefully I will be able to help more in the future.  Forgive me if I do repeat myself, but I am deeply saddened by this entire situation.  I feel there are ways we could have stayed together, but for reasons certain people felt we have to separate.  Those who know me personally and want to know, just ask for the detail privately.  It’s hard right now coming to terms what I’m losing.  I keep thinking maybe it was something I did myself, something I could do to make things better.  I keep being told that’s not the case. Sorry for turning this into somewhat of a rant, but this has deeply affected me. I’d like to thank everyone who has supported me, wolves, humans, cats, whatever, and whoever you are for staying with me through this journey. I know it’s nowhere near over, but this is just another hardship.  I actually find this a bit harder than moving from Texas. There is so much I’ve believed in with this, but I need to push forward.  Pull those who are left closer together.  I hope this isn’t the end of it. I pray it isn’t the end of what we had.  I pray we can someday pull together again.  Keep me in your thoughts, prayers, intentions, or whatever it is you do.

 And thank you all

Sol The mexican wolf.