Now this may sound corny, even fake in many ways, but it is something that keeps coming up over and over again and even (for the most part) in the exact same words.  Apparently I have a light.  I’m not quite sure what it means though.  The most recent time I was told about it, it was from a friend of mine who isn’t religious at all.  She said I had a light and that shines though and that I shouldn’t lose it.  I’ve had this comment from many other people, and though the words may not always be exactly the same, the message is the same.  A light I carry and that I shouldn’t lose it. It honestly scares me. Because of this light that people have seen in me, I tend to have a huge impact on their lives for the better.  Now I don’t see myself better than anyone.  I already have a problem with arrogant people and low tolerance, and I can’t even stand myself to be even a little arrogant.  This light I carry, I don’t know what it is exactly.  Something positive I know.  Something that hopefully can help others.  Though I fear the responsibility that may come with it.  I don’t know the extent of the influence I can have, but I want to help. Even if people didn’t see this in me, I would still help.  I guess I’m just fearful of not using this right.  Now I do hope this really is something and I’m not crazy for thinking this, but after hearing this many times from almost every place I’ve ever lived, I’m sure is at least some small truth to it.  Hopefully I can find out what it is more.

p.s. Please excuse the corny title. I just had to do it 🙂