Now this is something I don’t talk about too often. Physical shifting is still somewhat a distant goal of mine I hope to achieve.  I have little to no experience with it myself. There have been a couple occasions where I may have, and someone who can vouch, but I remain skeptical of it myself.  For most of this, I won’t be talking about myself. I’ll be talking about BB and another friend of mine (who I will from now on refer to as Ben).  BB I’ve seen partial physical shifts right before my eyes plenty of times where I know he isn’t lying.  Ben, I’ve spoken to about his claims and now trust him enough to believe his claims. A big reason why I believe him is because the problems and stories he has told me about his shifts, are very similar to those of BB’s.  Both talk about some kind of inner struggle of some kind.  Also, I apologize for being vague, but I have to because I need to respect their privacy. Now both struggle with certain emotions that seem to tie into their shifts.  Not necessarily negative emotions I think.

Going on a more specific theory, I’m fairly certain there are certain “needs” that need to be met. One of these I’m very certain, is a large source of energy.  This can come from spirits, energy from large groups of people, such as concert or party settings, nature, or even gathering it yourself over time.  I can’t give you any kind of example right now, but I’m sure it takes a decent amount to achieve something like this.  This I feel very certain of.  The rest, I can only guess at this point.  But I think emotions may play a certain part with shifting as well.  Strong, deep running emotions.  Now emotions could also be a trigger for energy as well.   Along with this, could be a mental shift that is necessary. The mental shift can put you in the right mind set, letting you able to act more by instinct.  This could be a good or bad thing depending on your surroundings.  You could feel threatened if you are with a large group of people, things of that sort.  The mental shift would help lead into the rest I think.  I also feel there’s a certain point we just need to “let go”.  I’m honestly not quite sure what I mean myself by this.  I can’t quite yet describe it with good enough words, or really know what it is.  It could be more or less letting go of something in your life, problems, or even fears.  I just feel at some point we have to give a final “push” to make it happen. Maybe even something else giving a push.

This is as specific as I can get right now for my theories.  It’s still very much a working and learning progress.  Most of my half decent thoughts I can’t quite express in words yet.  I may add to this later, or make an entire new post as I learn, I’m not sure yet.  But I’d love to hear any feedback, other points of view, even some well thought out arguments on this.