This honestly is one of the strangest things that has happened to me of this sort.  I’ve had dreams where a good friend of mine that I have yet to meet in person has shown up.  He’s usually accompanied by his spirit guide every time I see him.  She’s a tall dark skinned woman, very beautiful.  usually quiet.  I don’t think I ever heard her speak in any of the dreams I’ve seen her.  Now this dream in particular was strange, but let me start at the beginning.

Now I don’t remember how the dream started exactly, but I was with my parents and brother. We were supposed to meet up somewhere.  We were driving in two different cars, traveling to the same place. I was with my brother in once car, my parents in another.  We had stopped at a place, talked, ate, then left.  When my brother and I got to the place, we waited for a while, they didn’t show up.  I don’t remember how we came to this conclusion, but somehow, somebody had caused them to disappear, kidnapped them or something along those lines.  My brother and I began thinking about who was responsible and made plans to go after them.  We were in a hotel at this point, and then, my friend’s guide walked in.  She looked basically the same as I had seen her before I don’t quite remember her talking, but I know she was helping my brother and I.  I was sitting on a couch, then she bent over and kissed me.  To make it even stranger for me, it wasn’t just a little kiss on the cheek or anything like that. It was a long deep kiss.  I was stunned at this.  She grabbed my hand and pulled me up from the couch.  She pulled me away and I followed, still processing what exactly happened.  I woke up shortly after.

I’ve never interacted with anyone else’s spirit guide, much less have one come on to me.  This has left me speechless still. I have no idea what to make of this. Definitely a first for me.  For now I’m left to process all of this