Ah, yes. The infamous topic that everyone is hesitant to talk about.  During this I will say many things about religion.  Please do not take offense, I am merely speaking my opinion based off of my own experiences. That being said, let us continue to the main points.

I grew up in a strong Catholic family.  My dad is currently an ordained Deacon. Has been for over a year now.  Upon discovering I was a wolf, this turned into a conflict of interest.  I thought I was evil, and really didn’t understand why God would put me on this kind of path.  It was a very dark time in my life. I turned to other things, thinking “what the hell, I’m already evil” and nearly lost myself to something that would have been devastating to my soul.  Luckily I made it through alright, learned and grew from my mistakes. I finally came to an understanding that I was fine with what I was. I wasn’t an abomination, I had a purpose.  I still had a long way to go though.  Throughout high school I was a devout Catholic, going to mass regularly, being involved with the youth group, ect.  I grew close to the faith, knowing what I was.  I still wanted to know a purpose for what I was in the Catholic church.  It didn’t help that I had many people pressuring me into becoming a priest.  It was hard finding my own path with so many others telling me what I should or shouldn’t do.  Finally after a semester of college and help from my brothers, I found that I didn’t have to stay with any kind of organized religion to be “saved” or anything like that.

Over time I found my own views, values, and beliefs.  There are so many religions out there.  Now religion in itself is not a bad thing.  I’ve seen many people benefit and become better people because of it.  However, I have also seen the opposite happen.  They begin fighting over which religion is right, claiming theirs is the one “true way.”   I was guilty of that mentality at one point myself.  Then if someone isn’t of that same belief, they start trying to convert them and save them.  It becomes a nasty situation for anyone involved in this race to be the right one.  I discovered that instead of arguing who is right, find the similarities and unite.  Yes, beliefs differ greatly, but at their core beliefs and intentions, they all have the same.  Striving to be good people.  Being a good person, bettering yourself, and most important: Love.  You can’t go wrong with those.  I’ve had many conversations with my sister about this, and we both agree on this.  My favorite quote by her is “I am not a religious person, I am spiritual.”  She has christian beliefs, but she won’t look down on anyone for believing something different.  She’s also been the one who has been the one most accepting of me and what I am.  There is so much out there that we can discover and learn, why limit ourselves to a single religion.  Granted, Religion is for some people.  Not everyone wishes to continue looking out at other things.  That’s fine.  We all have our choice.

I also have realized that religion often limits people to what they will or won’t do.  There’s a point in a person’s life where they have to go out and see what they like/don’t like, and just become their own person.  Religion often has specific guidelines of how you are supposed to act or behave.  Sometimes that necessarily isn’t you.  I see this often with Mormons.  Caffeine, alcohol, media censorship are big things they crack down on.  with Caffeine and alcohol, the rule would be moderation.  Just like anything else.  Media censorship, well that’s another topic for another day but I will say this.  Certain age groups such as me, a single male adult, doesn’t really care if they curse that often, or watch something with suggestive things, harsh language, ect.  That’s all I will say about that.  But often if one with a strong religious background does decide to explore more into various aspects of life, it often is accompanied with a lot of guild.  This tends to be worse, because you feel horrible for something that may not be a big deal, and can lead to depression, and not a healthy attitude.

In the end, I feel people who follow Religion should focus more on loving their neighbor regardless and not judging them about whether or not they are going to hell or not.  Focus on continuing to become better people.  Diversity is great.  People can make their own decisions and makes the world a great place.  Just don’t pressure others and make life miserable over beliefs.