This dream I don’t have as many details as others, but I choose to include it here because the emotions, and even physical(?) feelings from the dream seemed all too real for what I can remember.  If I do remember anymore important details, I will update this.  For now, I’ll have to include a fairly vague description of the dream, but will describe it to the best of my abilities.

There was a man I knew.  We were in a hotel type setting.  It may have even been a casino.  It felt about the 1920’s, 1930’s.  At first we seemed to be just there.  We were talking to people there.  Somehow as the dream went on, this man came into power.  He owned the hotel/casino.  He was extremely controlling and power hungry.  Seemed like a very mafia type feel.  He began killing anyone who he suspected was defiant or resistant in any way.  What’s worse, he was my brother.  Not my real brother, but my brother in the dream.  And even though he was my brother, I as tortured any time he suspected I was thinking of leaving or doing something he disapproved.  I was stabbed, strangled, beaten, cut, even electrocuted.  He never killed me though.  I felt the pain of each method of torture.  It felt so real, so agonizing, yet I did not wake up.  There were times when he seemed to care, or at least pretended to.  I remember one time I was in the back of the hotel/casino, talking with one of the other employees.  He was terrified working there.  He said he never knew if he would make it back home to his family, or would be killed on the spot like many other.  I started to quietly advise him to leave, but my brother showed up, and the torture began again.  I think that time he got me close to drowning by using a bucket of water.  I know I wasn’t weak, but I knew I couldn’t fight against him by myself.  He had many people at his disposal as well as a gun he kept on himself at all times.

Sometime after that incident, I was “invited” (though I knew if I decline, I probably would have been forced anyways) to some kind of party or gathering my brother was holding for everyone who worked for him, and those he associated with.  Not to my surprise things started escalating.  I don’t remember the reason why, but it was enough where I finally decided to run for it.  It would be better to finally get away, or die trying.  My brother hunted me down, and finally, stabbed to death.  As I screamed my last breath in agony, I woke up screaming, but it was in yet another dream.

I won’t describe the second dream other than I was somehow back at home with my family.  I’ve spoken to a couple people about certain dreams they’ve had.  This sounds like something similar to what they would describe as a past life experience.  Now personally, I’m not very knowledgeable on past live and even doubtful about them.  This could possibly very well be something along those lines, though honestly I have no idea if it is.  The emotions and pain felt too real in this dream.  And I don’t know why I would have such an attachment (even in a dream) to someone who would harm me in such a violent and gruesome manner.  An interesting dream, but definitely not a pleasant one.