So, for the past couple months or so I’ve had an interesting occurrence happen.  I didn’t think much of it at first, but it has been fairly consistent.  When I meditate, I often get an interesting visitor.   The form it chooses (or lack of it I should say) looks and acts like a combination of the stuff inside a lava lamp, and fire.  The past few times I meditate, I’ve focused on it specifically, but my first encounter it just came to me.  I see it only when I have my eyes closed, but the color of it is such distinct, sometimes vibrant, but more of a deep purple color.  It swirls around, expanding and disappearing in wisps of fire-like smoke.  The first time I saw it it spoke.  It was a deep male voice, very presence commanding, but not harsh.  I don’t remember all of his words, but I do remember the last thing he said to me was some form of approval, or confirmation, then I woke up.  The recent times I’ve seen him, I’ve tried talking to it, asking it questions, but no response.  I just keep trying to focus on it, get a feel for him, and understand it.  So far I know he’s not malicious, seems to enjoy my company, can be soothing.  One of my more interesting meditations with him showed me two random (for lack of a better word) pictures.  The first appeared from within a purple wisp.  It swirled around inside of itself, and as it disappeared, there was a bright white image. All it showed me was a tile floor with black streaks.  It disappeared in a purple whisp, but appeared in another spot among the purple in the same manner. This happened a few more times, then the purple disappeared for that time.  The second one appeared in the same manner, this time, on top of the same tile floor, was a black, withering bouquet. It appeared only one other time, then disappeared for good. 

I’m not entirely sure what the purpose of him is, but I’m definitely wanting to explore it further.  I know he’s not malicious, and I think wants to help in some form or another.  The only way I figure I can go about it is continuing meditation, focusing on him.


P.S.  Sorry for the corny title, but I did it just to make myself laugh. horrible joke, but it makes me happy XD