So this past weekend I was able to get together with my old pack with all of us.  It was a good time.  Though I had forgotten that all of together means a lot more energy.  Living with them, I grew used to the high amount of energy that all of us created.  Living only with BB there is still a decent amount more, but not as much as when the four of us are together.  I wasn’t used to it anymore.  I didn’t have a majorly significant reaction, but enough to nudge and remind me that I wasn’t accustomed to it anymore.  I felt traces of some strong m shifts occurring, causing a few brief moments of not knowing what I was doing.  Only thing that really happened was that I found myself laying on the floor growling for some reason.  I guess the energy of the full moon could have an influence as well.  Regardless, it made for an interesting time.  I doubt anyone else really noticed which in my book is good.  Means I can still keep myself semi-normal in college.  This just solidifies what I’ve guessed, as well as some opinions of others that there is something going on with my brothers and I.  Not much of a genuine discovery, but I guess I have to keep up with the baby steps.  I still feel like a teacher of some kind would help me (as well as my brothers) learn about what we are, but we still cannot find anyone who is able to explain much.  So the seemingly never ending search continues.