This was a particularly interesting night.  It didn’t involve me too much, but I was definitely feeling some effects of what was happening.  BB had another wolf moment. A particularly strong one.  Initially it began as him texting me “wolf needs”.  I replied asking what he meant, he said “shifting”.  This wasn’t the first time he’s said this to me before, but I vaguely knew what to expect.  A friend was over who was being particularly pestering that night as well.  BB just lied down to relax and make it seem like nothing was wrong.  Soon as the friend left, he got wolfy again, started playing around, taking a particularly cozy blanket of mine, which ended up being, what seemed to be, a brief match of tug-of-war.  Half heartedly, I pushed my finger at his chest, trying to get him to let go just by messing with his energy.  It kind of worked because he started swaying backwards, but didn’t ever actually let go.  Shortly after this, he started trying to go outside the room.

Now to give everyone a better idea of my current living arrangement, we both live in the dorms.  The two of us have a room of our own.  It leads to a hallway where we share sinks and bathroom with two others, who are in another room which joins in a hallway where the sinks are.  Moving on…

I told him if he went outside, he had to at least act normal.  He made his way towards the door, about to leave the room, made a weird face, then fell to the floor.  He laid down on the floor saying he wanted to go outside because of the people out in the hallway had a lot of energy.  He made another attempt to leave again.  He managed to open the door this time, stood there for several seconds, then fell again.  He laid on the floor again for a while and eventually “woke up”, not remembering anything that just happened.  The entire time, I felt the strong energy.  It felt heavy, but not menacing, or bad.  Now sometime after the first time he  tried to leave the room, but before the second time, I felt the energy and gave in, so to speak, for a brief while to a strong mental shift.  I remember it clearly.  All I did was end up on all fours for a while, crouched, watching over BB, growling a couple times.