So this weekend I had the great opportunity to go to my first anime con.  I had a blast with my brothers, got to play some fun video games with random people, saw some great cosplaying, ect.  Fun as that was, I had an opportunity to go to a panel that outright surprised the hell out of me.  My brothers and I decided to go to a panel that focused on furries.  Now in case, for anyone who doesn’t know what a furry is.  Furries are people who enjoy dressing up as animals, ranges from canines, cats, reptiles, ect., as a form of expression, entertainment, and most of all, having fun.  They are often a misunderstood community due to negative publicity.  This panel was called “what is a furry”.  We listened in on the conversation as the panelists answered various questions about the fur community and explaining themselves to the audience.  One of the panelists started talking about how some furs feel they have a spiritual connection with their fursona (animal they dress up as).  Then they dropped the word “therianthropy.”  This nearly made my jaw drop.  They went into the basic definition of therianthropy and even went as far to say that a couple of them were therians.  They didn’t go too much into it, but they seemed knowledgeable about therians at the very least.  Miles raised his hand and asked the panel the difference between the two.  To me, that was kind of a loaded question, but I did enjoy the response.  They used the comparison between a rectangle and a square.  Not all therians are furs, but not all furs are therians.  They also touched on how the therian community is beginning to grow larger, and beyond the internet, similar to how the furry community grew.  They said something about theirans possibly having their own con,  but personally, I don’t think that’s how therians would get together, least not in that type of atmosphere.  I’m sure the gatherings would be geared towards a good time, but there is a more spiritual nature with therians versus furries.  That’s not to say however that the gatherings would be completely serious.  The few small therian gatherings (also called howls) I’ve been to have mainly focused on just having a good time with people, not discussing much about therianthropy.  Only time will tell though.  I’m fairly sure that there will be larger gatherings of some kind in the therian community.

Also, I had the pleasure of meeting another therian.  He was a lion therian who I’ve seen, and briefly spoke to on an online therian group.  I saw him at the fur panel, thought I recognized him, but wasn’t entirely sure.  It helped me a bit when I saw he had on a Lion King T-shirt.  So I suppressed my nerves, and approached him, introducing myself, and asking if he was the same person from the therian group.  Sure enough, he was.  We left the room, and me and my nerves started spouting out all kinds of questions for him.  He didn’t seem to mind though.  Hal, and miles eventually showed up when I was talking to him and we had a great conversation.  We shared about our experiences when we first discovered what we were, a little bit about dreams, and just about our own journey.  I really enjoyed talking to him, and he seemed to enjoy himself, even said it was one of the highlights of his day.  It was really nice to meet a non-wolf therian as well.  I’ll try to keep in touch with him.  Overall it was a great, last minute decision that turned out exceptionally well.