I was able to spend this weekend with all of my brothers.  We had a lot of fun things planned.  I mentioned this in an earlier post, but since the four of us don’t live together, I’m not used to the energy from all four of us being together anymore.  This time was quite strong.  It started out with me just being quite goofy or as my brothers say “derp”.  We had gone out to eat and were going to the movies after. We had a while to wait before our movie started, so we sat at a table bullshitting with each other.  This is about the time where I hit the peak of my “derp”.  I spaced out a lot.  I basically had a constant m shift that I would occasionally snap out of it.  A couple times I lost my concept of time completely.  Miles too that opportunity to mess with me a little and told me that the movie was already over, and that we were on our way out.  Unfortunately for me since I really had no idea whether or not we had, I had a brief panic moment that was cured by me checking my phone to see what time it was.  I also had a couple of occasions when Hal tried getting my attention I decided to bite his arm as a seemingly appropriate response at the time.  The entire time I was conscious, I felt light headed, it was hard to focus on anything, little attention span, and did not have any filter, in other words, I spoke exactly what was on my mind at that moment. Most wasn’t exactly appropriate for public.  It wasn’t a bad experience, but still another reminder about energy and the large amount that my brothers and I have, especially when we are all together.