Smells have always been somewhat of a trigger to my wolf side. Not even specific smells, though certain ones can have a stronger effect than others. Specifically the past few months, it’s been quite strong. One example, happens almost every morning. My morning class is all the way across campus, so I end up with a roughly 10 minute walk there. On my way, there’s I usually end up passing a charter bus that a lot of students take to class. That in addition to all the other cars driving around provide a pretty bad smell of exhaust. Now usually that doesn’t bother me too badly. I recognize the smell and keep walking. The past few weeks have been a bit different. The smell nauseates me horribly, almost to the point of puking on my way to class. Another similar situation happens after my kempo class. There’s one particular guy in that class that has some horrible BO. Now, I don’t say anything even though I can smell it almost throughout the room, and I won’t either. I don’t want to offend the guy, and I don’t know the circumstances either. Well, after one of the classes where I had to have direct contact, I could not get the smell out of my nostrils. the horrible smell stuck with me well after the class and I almost puked from it. Usually I can handle it, but for some reason, I can’t these days.

Now not all of these are bad. Most of the time I’ll catch the scent of food, women wearing strong perfume, certain plants (mostly when I’m hiking), or even the smell of a certain place and basically have an ADD moment where I can’t continue my thought process before identifying what the smell is or where it came from. It’s like a big disruption in my thought process. You might even go as far and call it a trigger for a small, brief mental shift. Smells have always been somewhat of a trigger for me as long as I can remember. Though more in the past few years I’ve been able to recognize the connection. I guess this is more of my own personal trait that I connect with. Not entirely sure what to call it, but I guess other wolves/therians have their own way of connecting. One of mine just happens to be through a sense. I wouldn’t exactly I have a supernatural sense of smell, but it does feel like I pay attention to smells more so than my other senses. This could possibly something to focus on during meditation or try to develop more, though I’m not entirely sure how I would go about doing that. I guess the usual trial and error method would have to work for now. For now I guess I’ll have to enjoy the good scents and try to avoid the bad best I can.