So this entire break I’ve had for thanksgiving, I’ve spent with my wolf brothers and another friend who knows about what we are.  We all pitched in and made a thanksgiving dinner and have had an amazing time.  This day, we woke up and decided to catch a movie.  For whatever reason, I was already feeling a bit strange.  Wasn’t quite sure what it was at first.  Then Miles and I started messing around like 10 year old kids (this tends to happen often.  We never grow up) and I started going into a mental shift.  Shortly after that, we headed out to catch our movie.  I was still feeling the pull of the mental shift on our way there.  Miles and I kept messing around in the car (which probably didn’t help my case now that I think about it).  By the time we arrived at the theater, I was in a state of an almost full mental shift.  I understood everything that was going on around me, but there was still a big difference.  It was as if things were familiar, yet new.  I had a new perception of the world around me, somewhere between that of a human and a wolf.  My reactions to things was very wolf like.  I growled, and made this weird chuckling noise, grunted.  When the time came where I had no choice other than to speak, I spoke with as little words as possible, but knew if I had to I could still function like a normal person.  Miles came up to me when I started biting at BB and said “we are in public” meaning I should try to be acting more normal. The thing is though, I didn’t care.  Most of the time I do.  I’d rather not act like that in public, but with this strong, and strange combination of a mental shift I had, I did not care about that.  I just grinned at Miles, disregarding what he said and kept doing my own weird thing. Even throughout the movie, I still felt the shift.  I watched and understood the movie, but the concept of staying quiet didn’t matter to me as I munched on my snack.  After the movie, it wasn’t as strong, but still there. That was until Miles and I started acting like kids again.  Then I was back to my previous state.  We went to eat at wendy’s.  I saw the triple and got that.  A steak at that time would have been nice, but that was the closest thing I could get at that time.  Ozzie, the other friend, saw me eat the triple withing minutes and commented “where does it all go?”  I was still feeling very wolfish, but was able to bullshit with everyone, tossing back random insults to everyone.  Ozzie tends to go out drinking fairly often and wanted to go to the bar.  I honestly didn’t want to,  but we all were in one car and I had no choice. On our way to the bar,  I sat there, trying to get a hold of myself to act as normal as possible.  In larger crowds in that social of a place, I’m not sure I could handle it in my current state.  I felt the energy moving all over the place in my body and tried focusing on compressing it to one area and store it.  It took the entire trip with my body jolting, similar to the sensation whenever you’re dreaming and you wake up suddenly, occasionally due to the large amount of energy.  It was tiring, but I finally got myself to a mostly normal state.

The small cost was shakiness in my hands.  I made it through the night at the bar fine, had a good time with everyone, sang a couple songs karaoke, played pool and even had a couple drinks.  When we got home I started feeling the energy creep up again.  It was better now that I was in a place where I didn’t have to be so worried about being in public.  I just let it run its course this time.  I briefly tried to type up this post so I’d have it fresh on my mind, but couldn’t concentrate long enough.  It was an interesting night to say the least.  Haven’t had something that strong in public in a while.