On my last post, I spoke about strong mental shifts that I was having around my brothers.  Well, they haven’t stopped since.  Almost every night since then, I’ve had strong mental shifts. I feel more vulnerable to energy around me and able to go into a mental shift.  In addition to this, my “energy hiccups” that I mentioned before, have become a regular annoyance again.  The mental shifts usually happen at night when I’m tired.  The jumps I get happen fairly regularly during the day and night at random times.  When they happen at work, I pass them off as hiccups since they look very similar.  As for the mental shifts themselves, I resist them mainly because I’m having to crack down on school for finals.  Hopefully after this semester is finished, I will have some time to figure things out a little more with that.  The shifts hurt a little, though not physically.  It feels like something is pulling me back, a strong detachment, something else taking control.  It’s a very strong energy, feels explosive and extremely unpredictable.  I feel if I let this surface, I don’t know what will happen, or even if I will remember what happens.  If I do decide to let it surface, I’d rather be in a safe environment. Preferably with my brothers.  Unfortunately it couldn’t be with BB because it we seem to trigger each other into mental shifts.  I now understand how he feels with his shifts. They are unpredictable and hard to control when they happen. I’m hoping to have the chance to explore this more when classes are done with.