So I’m finished with finals and will finally have some time to look into a few things.  Since then, a few things have happened, and will.  First, my energy jumps haven’t stopped at all. If anything they’ve become more frequent, accompanied by occasional growling or other strange sounds.  Usually when they happen, I am also on the verge of a mental shift, or am more able to go into a mental shift.   Hasn’t just happened when I’m around my brothers either.  It seems to happen more around the evenings, but does happen any time of the day.  Second thing that’s happened was Noah sent out a mass email to my brothers and I.  He said to be careful this month and that he would explain things soon.  Soon has become a relative term when doing things concerning him.  The last time any of us have heard from him was in February.  I’m glad to know he’s alive and ok, but am tired of the evasiveness and really wanting answers.  I hope that we will hear from him again and finally have some answers.

Since the break started I’ve spent it so far with my brothers (with the exception of BB, he’s visiting family). It’s been a fun, relaxing time.  I’ll be heading to visit family.  I’m hoping to have a great time, and use my current freedom to start dreaming again, as well as reading, some energy work, and spending time with family and friends.  I will also be meeting up with another wolf that lives in my hometown.  She’s a very nice person and seems just as excited to meet as I am.  I will hopefully be able to write a bit more as well, maybe delve into a couple things I will be working on during my break.