My time off of school has been interesting.  First of all, I was able to meet up with another wolf.  We had a great time, and she was an amazing person.  She also surprised me with a few gifts for me as well as my brothers. One thing she gave to me in particular, a necklace, which she did some work with has helped me significantly with my energy.  It has calmed my energy down, making it a lot less chaotic.  Especially when I was back with my brothers, I felt the difference.  I felt the strong energy come whenever I usually feel a strong mental shift, but I was able to make it so I didn’t go into the mental shift, almost like I just let it pass by.  She also gave me a beautiful dream catcher as well.  As for what we did, we had dinner, talked a lot, drove around, showing me a few cool places, and also saw a movie.  I was definitely glad to have met her.

So like I said I would, I began attempting to do a little more with energy, dreaming, and things of that sort.  I began meditating almost daily.  The skips were due to staying busy with family, but I was still fairly consistent with it.  Nothing all that special happened during these meditations, but it made for some nice time to relax and wind down and focus on energy and my wolf side.  Now on the dreaming side of things, it’s been quite interesting.  Ever since I’ve started focusing on dreaming again, I’ve been having a similar theme with each one.  I’m constantly fighting something.  Sometimes it’s something familiar that I’ve fought with since I was little; a nasty, fearful, even evil thing that tends to take different forms, sometimes no form at all.  Never a really happy dream.  Others have been other things that I’ve been fighting that don’t have as bad as a feeling, but still threatening.  Sometimes I’m fighting them away from others in the dream, sometimes they’re after me.  I just always seem to be fighting something that wants to hurt.

Something else strange was during my dreaming, I dreamed about one of my wolf brothers who I’ve known for a while, but not met in person, JJ.  I call him one of my southern brothers.  The dream had him and his younger brother (little did I know, he actually did have a younger brother).  He told me (in the dream) that he was having problems with his parents, and other problems.  The next day I messaged him where he confirmed almost everything I had dreamed about.  Was kind of creepy honestly, but still a neat experience.  I do wish him the best of luck and hope things improve for him.

Overall, my break was productive, fun, and enjoyable.  I’m hoping I’ll still be able to learn and improve on everything in the future.