During my time visiting family, I spent a lot of time with my sister and her little family, her husband and my three nieces.  I really enjoyed being an uncle to them.  At one time, I was sitting with my nieces as they decided tickling me was a good idea for entertainment.  They were quite right of course because little did they know, I’m extremely ticklish.  Now back with my brothers, they tend to get a kick out of doing the same because in addition to my squirming and if they tickle me long enough, I end up making a loud half yipping half howling sound.  My youngest niece was taking a nap while the two older were tickling me, so I did my best not to vocalize anything.  It ended up my leg kept kicking.  My sister saw this and died laughing.  This opened up an opportunity for her to make some dog/puppy jokes.  She started off with saying her dog was my brother, then proceeded to say puppy chow (known as muddy buddies depending on where you grew up) was my only snack, saying good boy, and a large plethora of jokes.  I didn’t mind at all, in fact I was essentially encouraging it.  I found the jokes hilarious.  I was really happy that I could share that aspect of my life with her and it was just accepted.