These past few weeks have been very odd. While I find myself being able to have a little more control of my energy and mental shifts, I also find that I’m having just as much changes in energy happening around or within me.  As I previously mentioned about the gift a friend gave me, it has made a significant difference in being able to stabilize; I can bring myself back from a mental shift most of the time.  The changes in energy though sometimes feel extremely different, like night and day.  One minute I’m fine and normal, next second, I feel strong pulls of energy, or just strong presence of energy.  The pull is mainly when I feel a mental shift coming.  Usually I can keep myself normal, but there still are a few occasions when I do. BB seems to be having similar things happen.  He seems to be having more mental shifts more often, and hardly remembers what happens.

There was also another particularly strong mental shift that happened when a wolf friend was visiting, Bryan.  Now this was Bryan’s last night before he headed back home, so we decided to have a good time and have some drinks.  Now I would like to point out at this time that yes, at the time that this happened, I was intoxicated.  However, due to past experiences not being under the influence, I still consider this as a somewhat important experience.  After playing a few drinking games, Bryan, another friend, and I were talking.  I don’t quite remember when I made the change, but before I knew it, I found myself in a very strong mental shift, sniffing Bryan (since he was still fairly new) and I even think I bit him. (more of a playful bite) I don’t remember much of what else happened other than I ended up laying on the ground and passing out.


Now the thing that made this experience different, was that I wasn’t holding back.  Due to the intoxication, most (if not all) barriers were gone.  I was able to just be in my state of mental shift.  Even though my memory is a bit hazy, I do have somewhat of a reference point as a goal of how I hope to be able to get to during a mental shift.  Hopefully with more of a memory of what happens.