Before I get into this, please know that this may be scattered and unorganized.  This post is essentially me brainstorming on shifting ideas and comparing experiences. Now moving on…

I’ve been thinking a lot again about shifting and the many encounters I’ve had and have realized that the further I delve into this, I only come out with more and more questions.  For example.  I’ve mentioned Noah in a few previous posts.  Essentially he would be the one I think that would be able to answer questions about how to physically shift since 1. He’s claimed he can, which wasn’t initially without skepticism.  2.  He has shown other interesting abilities.  (If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, either read previous posts about him, or you can always ask me)  His motives are still uncertain, but the general agreement is that he is genuinely trying to help us, but if there’s anything else, we are clueless.  He last messaged me as well as the other brothers towards the end of December, and haven’t heard from him since.  This leaves a big jumble of “why is he being so mysterious and why can’t he just tell us what’s going on?”  It leaves my brothers and I waiting for him to come to us, being patient.

Physical shifting itself has always been something that may of us are still trying to figure it out (for those of us who believe anyways).  I’ve got another small piece from BB after a pretty good conversation, even though he doesn’t really remember it.  He first said that the reason he could shift back where he’s from, was because it felt familiar, that the energy there was familiar; the energy in order to make the shift happen was there.  He also said that he was trying to establish a similar “feel” or maybe even the same energy over here, but there were problems with it.  I decided to ask Ben about his shifts and where they happened.  Generally, he said that his were in places he felt most comfortable with.  So although in these specific cases, there is a certain amount of comfort that seems to be present, there are occasions where it isn’t the case.  BB has had random partial shifts that haven’t looked very comfortable, nor have they been convenient.  I’m wondering what factors may cause this to happen, maybe stress of life, could be other things.  Stress in my opinion could be part of it, but again, I can only speculate for now.

For now, I’ll have to continue talking and meeting other, comparing and contrasting experiences, maybe we will find more common threads between us.  Maybe once we finally know all the questions, or maybe even ask the right questions, we will finally get some answers.