As I’ve said before, there are many different kinds of therians, shifters, ect.  Each comes with their own stereotype that are true, but not necessarily for everyone.  Just like any stereotype, they are based off of some truth.   I’ll start with the easiest.  Wolves, and most other canines have a label of loyalty attached, sometimes even blind loyalty.  This stereotype is usually true and accurate for most.  Personally, I do have strong loyalty towards my pack, and very close friends.  This may or may not have to do anything with being a wolf seeing as most people tend to have loyalty towards people they are close to anyways.  Also canines are thought to be playful, high energy, ect. depending on the breed.  I won’t go too much into detail on this, but it seems like that one is also one that may be true for me considering some of my mental shifts has had me playing with Miles’ wolf/husky hybrid quite a bit.  Also, canines can be very social creatures.  Now some may point out the “lone wolf” stereotype, which can happen, but generally we tend to be social.
Felines tend to be the opposite of canines.  They tend to be very prideful, sometimes to the point of them seeming snooty or rude.  They are very independent and live life to their own rules or wants.  Being social with felines is always on their terms and their rules.  If they want attention, they demand it, if they don’t want it, they will have nothing to do with you.  Friendships sometimes are odd with felines considering if you have nothing that would benefit or help them out, they will want nothing to do with you.

There are many more stereotypes out there that I will probably hit on at a later day, but here are a couple for starters.


P.S.  Thank you to my sister Kitty for helping me out on this.