I’ve never attended a ritual of any kind except for Catholic Masses and basically any other christian services.  This was a pagan Ritual set up by a good friend of mine, Dave. It originally was supposed to be just a handful of people, and ended up having about eight people joining in. Dave, BB, Hal, and I were waiting on Miles, Bryan, and the other two.  Initially, I was very nervous to the point where I had “butterflies” in my stomach.  When everyone else started arriving, I still felt the same, but gradually started to feel better. Right before we started the ritual, there was a lot of energy.  Everyone was starting to get fairly giggly and making each other laugh for one reason or another.  Honestly none of us seemed to serious before the circle was drawn, but I believe the energy was good for the ritual.  I was the first to enter the circle after being cleansed with sage.  The time from being cleansed to entering the circle, I felt energized, but in a strange, almost nervous way.  It felt like if I didn’t use or shed all this pent up energy, I couldn’t stand still. I felt uncomfortable, like when part of your body falls asleep, but this sensation was surging through my entire body.  Sometime after all the elements had been called for the ritual, I felt calm again.  When we called the elements, earth, fire, water, and air, it was similar to a small prayer asking for each element to come and aid us.  For the ritual we welcomed spring, summoning Osiris and Persephone.  After offering intentions to sent good energy for everyone, we closed the circle.  From the summoning to the end, everyone was much calmer.  I walked home after the ritual alone.  It was a fairly cloudy night with the moon shining through a small break in the clouds.  Oddly enough, I felt a positive, rejuvenating, even joyful feeling. I wanted to go off, find a trail, and just take in and enjoy the night.  Unfortunately it was late by this time and I had responsibilities early in the morning.  The clouds covered up all traces of the moon while I sadly walked back to my dorm.  I really wanted to just enjoy the night.

That was the end of that night.  The rest of the week offered it’s strange mix of challenges which included an “off” feeling with energy which has been continuing for quite a while.