This past month or so has felt odd to me.  I’m not sure what it is exactly, but all I know is there has been a massive shift or change in not only my surroundings, but even energy around me.  I realize this could be to me starting a new job and adjusting, but I still feel things are continuing to change.  Some of it feels good, some of it doesn’t feel so good.  I’ll start with the good.  First my job has been great, better pay, I work with BB, I know a few people there, I get to work outside and enjoy my music, and it works around my school.  Energy seems to be fairly active as well, though this sometimes isn’t either a good or bad thing.  It feels good sometimes but also gets overwhelming, even a little scary.  It causes me a little more m shifts.  Not very many strong shifts, just minor ones, where I realize what is going on usually.  Though the problem usually occurs when I need some kind of outlet to get rid of all the energy.  I usually feel very restless; I have to keep moving something, either my leg, foot, ect.  Kind of reminds me of the way I was before the ritual.  I guess there isn’t too many bad feelings now that I type this out, just uncertainty with all the changes.  I do feel that a good majority of these changes are positive, and shows me some things in my life that I need to work on or pay attention to.  The uncertainty does cause a little bit of fear, but I guess I need to learn to accept the change, make the best of things, and tackle what comes my way when it comes.