Upon one of my many miscellaneous misadventures on the interwebs (try saying that five times fast?) I came across a certain youtube video about a subject that I have very little knowledge and experience with.  The subject you ask? Why it’s…(ellipses build suspense, right?) …Vampirism.  Now before you jump up and say “hey, that’s not real!” or worse, Twilight comes to mind *shudders* know that yes, they do exist.  No, they are not like the myths, legends, and certainly not like Stephanie Myer portrays them.

Let’s start with the basics, then I will introduce my guest’s video that you can watch, and enjoy.  First, they are not evil.  Yes, many may come across as dark, strange, ect. But they are just like any other person.  They are human too.  Second, yes, some do drink blood. There are two types.  They are called psy/energy, and Sanguinarian vampires.  Energy vampires feed off the energy of those around them, while the Sang vampires feed off of the blood of others.  There are those who are both as well. Third, neither sunlight nor crosses kill them.  Some vampires are sensitive to light, can get sunburns easier, ect.  But it will not kill them.  It does vary with each one.  Now before I steal too much of his thunder, I’ll introduce my guest and his video.

He goes by the name Purplekilljoy on youtube.  His videos are very informative on this subject as well as entertaining.  I spoke to him briefly and got his permission to post his video on here.  So I will let you click the link enjoy the video, and I highly recommend checking out all his videos on vampirism.  Enjoy.