So first of all, I’d like to thank you, all of my followers, readers, friends, ect. for showing interest in my life experiences and journey.  I’ve enjoyed do this and will continue to do so as well.  I hope everyone has enjoyed reading my posts as much as I have writing them.  I do hope to hear a little more feedback from others.  It does help me improve on certain details I may need to include to help everyone understand things.  Again, thank you everyone.  And now to the main content of this post.


First of all, I have to be vague on some of this because my friend who I will mention does not want me to talk about some things we spoke about online, so I must respect his wishes on that.  moving on….Recently I’ve met someone else who has not only intrigued me, but also may know people who can shed some light on the many mysteries I pursue.  For now I will call him Jay.  Initially meeting Jay, we were just talking and hanging out. Nothing too special; he seemed like a nice guy.  I noticed he said a few things about my energy and aura, complimenting me that I was open calm.  I thanked him for the compliment, but didn’t really give it a second thought.  We seemed to hit things off well and ended up playing some drinking games with my friends from the dorm.  It was a great night.  When we got back to my room, we began talking again.  This time he kept looking at me.  I can’t give an exact quote on what he said here, but basically told me he knew what I was.  So from there, we began a long discussion that lasted well into the night.  He was an empath.  There are many out there who have approached me, claiming to be an empath, but honestly were not genuine.  Jay on the other hand, proved to be genuine before he even told me what he was.

Small break in this to explain about what an empath is for those who aren’t familiar.  Like the word implies, empaths can relate to other people’s feelings, but not in the usual sense of empathy.  Some can take on the emotions of others around them because of the strong energy, some can learn things about other people who they connect with.  I’m not very knowledgeable about empaths, having limited experience and running into many people who just claim to be empaths and were not genuine.  Getting back to the story…

He mentioned that there was what he called a vortex just up the street, though a bad one.  He said it was next to a house.  That wasn’t the only vortex around, there were a couple good ones on campus.  Now I’m not entirely sure what he means by vortex, but guessing from what I know, it is probably like a large concentration of energy, maybe like a whirlpool, good ones having an abundance of good energy, bad ones full of negative energy.  I thought to myself that these may be partially why BB has had strong mental shifts, blackouts, an wakes up places.  Just theories, but I don’t think they’re too far off.  It would make sense.  Now something else I noticed, was that the more I was around him, the more characteristics of a wolf therian he seemed to show.  I later learned that because of his empathy, he essentially takes in characteristics of his surrounding.  So in this case, he seemed to exhibit more primal state of mind or qualities from spending a lot of time around me.

This was a very special encounter that I hope I can share more about later as things unfold.