I learned about this nearly a week later, but I found out something a little more interesting happened during my first visit with Jay.  The two of us had gone out for a walk to talk about various things such as energy and other various spiritual experiences.  At one point I did feel a lot of energy and did have a slight mental shift happen.  Jay saw could tell something was happening, but I don’t think he really understood.  While I had the mental shift, I felt normal other than the obvious mental things happening. What I didn’t know, was that there was more going on that I felt or even saw.  Jay told me later that he did see a partial physical shift.  He said that they weren’t massive changes, but enough to convince him of what I was.  He said my posture had a significant change, I believe he said something about my spine doing something.  I honestly couldn’t sense any physical change.  He also said my eyes shifted, as well as my scent.  He said it was very different.   I realize these may not be the most amazing of changes, but I do trust Jay’s judgement.  Also, he did seem very shocked and surprised and said that he felt a little afraid coming to the full realization that I was a wolf with the proof right in front of him.

I people will have their doubts about what happened, and rightly so.  But I do believe Jay about what happened.