Things have been quite busy for me these days.  BB and I have moved out of the dorms into a small apartment, I’m now working full time, and trying to get my own apartment with BB and now Hal.  Miles is planning to move to Sweeden where his girlfriend is.  This bit of news has made me change a few of my future plans.  Nothing has been set, but it does mean I’m not tied down to Utah after I graduate from college.  One of my plans is moving where I would be able to track down Noah.  I know the general location where he is, and if I move to a place where I can continue searching for him I can hopefully get a few answers from him and be done with that mystery.

Lately I haven’t had the chance to pursue much else spiritually.  I have been having a lot of random mental shifts which occasionally results in random, but fairly quiet outbursts which include growls and things of that nature.  Luckily for me my co-worker either doesn’t notice or just doesn’t say anything about it.  There has been a lot of change with everything that happened, but I’m just doing my best to adapt with everything and make the best with it.