So seven years later into all of this madness with wolves, spirits, mysteries, and research, I find myself pretty lonely.  I still have Hal and BB who are here for me, but what I really want now is companionship.  Someone who will grow with me and continue this journey with me, someone that cares for me, someone where the two of us can support each other.  I currently have someone who is a great candidate, but right now we have a large distance between us.  He currently lives in the UK.  We have had an open long distance relationship, but I feel I’m at a point where the distance is getting tough.  I feel like our relationship can’t really progress until we are physically together.  This October he will be coming down to meet everyone and we can see how things will play out.  He is a therian, though he’s still figuring out for certain his identity which I honestly think is great.  He’s not jumping to conclusions and is questioning things.  Another of his great qualities is his intelligence.  In my opinion he’s on the verge of a genius and I love it.  He admits struggling with aspects of spirituality, but that is where both of us can grow together.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that we are at the same part of our journey, It just means that our paths have crossed and we will help each other.