A few days ago I was invited to a friend’s graduation.  The great thing about this friend was she’s a fellow wolf therian. Giving some background about her…

I had initially met her through a facebook group.  I honestly don’t know how or why I was added to the group because 1. I wasn’t as open about my being a wolf as I am now. 2.  We had never met before, neither online nor in person. 3. I had just moved, I didn’t know anyone. and 4.  Nothing on my facebook profile at the time could have even mildly hinted what I was.

However it happened, I’m grateful I was added.  Hal and I went to a meetup the group had hosted.  We ended up getting rained on and just ended up going to a restaurant close by. It was a good time and they were good, fun people to be around.  Meetups were few throughout time, but for a while, we were able to host a few meetups whenever the brothers and I all had a place together.   The core group that usually got together included Roz, a coyote, his girlfriend, a Fox, Leo and his girlfriend, both wolves, and recently, a badger.  

Now moving on with the recent story.  Hal and I went to Leo’s girlfriend’s gathering for her graduation.  We ended up carpooling with Roz, his girlfriend, and the badger.  It was a great time.  the drive that should have taken only an hour and a half turned into a two and a half hour road trip as Roz got lost a couple times.  The rest of us were obligated at this point to tease him about the entire adventure.  The gathering was nice.  wasn’t anything extravagant, but it was nice to be around good people, people that understood each other,  free from judgement (mostly) and just enjoying an afternoon cookout together.  It may not sound fancy, but I really do enjoy that kind of company.  Granted our jokes get fairly vulgar and we tend to tease each other, but it’s all in fun.  It was a simple therian gathering that honestly makes me feel like I have some great people in my life.