So first off, I’d like to apologize for not posting in a while.  Been through a move to another place, financial hardships along with it, and just a general hold/block on spirituality.  I’m finally all settled into a new place, with my own room and space (Finally!!).  Hal and BB are my roommates. Hopefully things will go well with this arrangement.  Working outside in this horrible heat for my job (landscaping) is killing me sometimes.  

Moving on from general life, I find it strange the general flux of spiritual activity so to speak. spring for some reason always seems to bring some kind of change in pace, usually a faster pace such as my encounter with my empathic friend.  Now everything has seemed to slow down which usually causes me to question a lot of things in my spiritual life such as what I’m trying to pursue and accomplish.  Lucky for me this time around I feel confident and comfortable with everything.  I still want to pursue physcial shifting as well as a few of the unsolved mysteries of Noah and meet a few others who I’ve had contact with for a long time. Right now, things just seem calm to give me a chance to get a hold on life again.  I had hoped summer would be a time where I’d be able to focus more on spirituality, but I guess life had other options in mind.