So no sooner I complain about how everything takes a halt, it starts up again.  First BB’s eyes have changed once again.  Not for a small amount of time either.  The entire weekend, and currently (monday) his eyes have changed from a dark brown, to a very light brown, almost a dark yellow color.  His iris has interesting lines along the circumference as well.  Both of us have had random wolfish outbursts which include random growling or odd sounds.  His tend to be a lot more often and sometimes he loses memory of parts of his day because of it. This has happened before, but not like this in a good while.


Second thing is, Noah sent me, as well as Hal, Miles, and BB an email again.  First time we have heard from him in about six months.  The message was fairly simple.  Said he was still nearby (I won’t disclose where he says he is), and hopes to meet with us soon, hopefully without anymore complications.  Also said if I have any questions that he will try to answer them the best he can.  Honestly the largest question I have for him is Who the hell is he? Really? I realize this guy isn’t malicious, he wants to help.  But 3 years of random messages and potential warning has been annoying.  I really want to know what all this seems to be leading up to.  I’m ready for one of the many mysteries to come to an end.  I may end up with even more questions, but at least something will come to some kind of conclusion. Who knows; maybe I’m just being impatient with everything?  I realize he won’t have all the answers.  It’s never that simple, at least hasn’t been for me.  I do hope at the very least we can learn from each other, and once again, clear up this mystery.