So this summer hasn’t quite been what I have hoped it would be.  I had been hoping to start on looking deeper into things spiritually and different aspects of it.  Instead, I found myself focusing more on what life has been throwing at me.  On a good note, I have been going to the gym regularly and have been able to relax a little bit and play through a couple of games this summer.  Moving on….

So during the past couple weeks Noah has been a little more accessible to speak to.  He has been on YIM and I’ve been able to ask him a few questions.  One was about energy and about making shields.  I’ve read a several methods and have done some limited work with them, but I figured another method/point of view wouldn’t hurt.  His reply was similar to some of the other methods I had read before.   It consisted of starting with feeling and imagining a ball of energy in the center of your chest, letting the energy go throughout your body.  He then said it was about knowing what you’re trying to keep out or away and making using the right energy “signature” to keep them away.  I realize this isn’t the best way to describe it, especially since I’m paraphrasing.  I do have a great example where I may have had some good success with shields.  I had read before that shields can also be used to keep away certain bugs, almost like a repellent such as with mosquitoes.  At my job, I’ve been doing a lot of weeding in various flower and shrub beds.  In the afternoon, they tend to be swarming with bees and wasps.  I’m not exactly a fan of getting stung by wasps, so I decided this would be a good way to have some application of what I had read and been practicing.  So I started out with the basic energy in the center of my body, and imagined my shield as a bubble around me, intending the shield to keep away insects that would could potentially hurt me.  I even set up a very small area around me that I did not want the wasps to get to (just a few inches in front of me).  I set up the shield and continued pulling weeds, occasionally looking towards the wasps flying near me.  I started to notice that they didn’t seem to go past the area that I had set as the boundary of the shield.  I told myself this could simply be a coincidence.  So I continued to watch the bugs fly towards me, but seemingly never crossing that boundary.  Now there were a few who seemed to move past it, but then quickly moved back again.  Now I’m considering that I may have successfully done something, but I try not to jump the gun.  I decided to try the same experiment the next day, and had similar results.  So at this point I could say I had some kind of result with it.  At this point I’m probably going to start looking for other exercises I can do to keep practicing shields.

Noah also gave me a method for getting rid of excess energy.  It started with the same ball of energy as the shield method.  This time, he said to just gather it and touch something, transferring it to an object.  He said also it was good to keep something with you to transfer it to.  I’ve got a few crystals that I try to do energy work with that I could easily store energy in (he also said I could use a similar method to keep shields up using objects).  I have yet to try either of these two, but they are definitely next on the list.