So in addition to energy work, I’ve also been trying to get into lucid dreaming and astral projection again.  I finally finished the book a friend had recommended to me a while back called The Art of Dreaming, which really inspired me to start up at it again.  The book basically describes a form of lucid dreaming that leads to astral projection, and other abilities that come with this form of dreaming.  This whole summer, I’ve not been able to remember my dreams. It’s been frustrating honestly.  This past week I’ve finally been able to remember small parts of my dreams when I wake up, but usually end up forgetting them by the end of the day.  A good friend of mine tried to help me with this by helping me do some energy work with a necklace she had given me.  Unfortunately I have yet to see any significant difference other than being able to remember my dreams a little more.  For now, my goal is to be dreaming and realize I’m dreaming again.  I had done this before and had an interesting experience (I wrote a previous blog about it a while back) where the people in my dream seemed afraid of me.  I’m hoping to be able to get back to that point again.