So during the last few weeks of my summer break before school, BB had interesting shifts with his eyes.  First of all, his eyes shifted color again, this time for roughly about a month.   This time, the color started out as a dark yellow color with lines coming across the color from the iris. About a week later, the color changed to a lighter green color.  The color definitely was more than noticeable considering friends of ours asked us about it.  Both of us just said it was due to him receiving albino blood during a blood transfusion and they eventually just let it go.  Lucky for us, they are now back to his normal dark brown color, but I do wonder what in particular made his eyes change color.  If it really were the albino blood, the doctors are obligated to let BB know.  I guess there could just be a general change in the energy, but even then, there is still nothing we can pinpoint or even prove.

In other news school started up again this week, which means yet another schedule to adjust to.  Hopefully I can still try to keep up some kind of energy work and/or meditation with work and school.  Also, I would like to point out that I have added contact information for those who wish to get a hold of me for whatever reason.  I may not reply immediately, but I will make sure that I will reply when I can.