So recently I have reason to believe that maybe there is something in the blood that is different from therians/shifters than everyone else.  Initially I would have thought this to be untrue, but some current observations imply otherwise.  During the time that BB’s eyes changed color for the month or so, he was having blood transfusions.   Now I did a small amount of research, and eye color is only supposed to change when receiving blood from somebody who is albino.  BB would have known if he was receiving blood from an albino because the doctor is supposed to notify him of this.  Even if he did receive blood from an albino, it should not have lasted that long.  Now recently again, BB has had another blood transfusion.  This time I told him to let me look at his eyes before and after.  Sure enough, they are currently a much lighter shade with the lines as I’ve seen before.   Now I have no idea what in the blood may have caused this or if it is common for people’s eyes to change color from receiving blood from another.  I know this isn’t a massive breakthrough, but it at least gives me an idea for another possibility of how things may work with this.