So this past week has been pretty interesting for me.  Noah once again has been in contact with me.  As usual he has been warning me about changes of energy, but this time around his tone has been sounding urgent.  He has essentially told me that there is a big wave of energy that is coming and that we may be affected by it, especially BB.  BB has been affected by it fairly strong.  He said to be careful when going outside because we would be more affected by the energy.  I haven’t really felt anything, just small, random mental shifts which have honestly happen randomly anyways. He also mentioned another friend of mine that may be affected by the change of energy, whom I’ve mentioned once before, Ben.  I’ve been in contact with Noah on almost a daily basis this entire week.  He is still vague on most of his messages, but at least answer most of my questions so far.

The two of us also had a very interesting conversation about shifting as well.  He mentioned that some friends of his get triggered by emotions.  I took the opportunity to pick his brain a little and as what other triggers there may be.  He said that triggers can be emotions, energy (such as different changes, or large amounts of it) different people, and stress.  He said stress seems to be strongest from what he has seen.  This somewhat confirms and even expands my theory that I had previously, but still presents a lot of unanswered questions and possibly suggests a large amount of energy may not always be necessary to shift depending if any of the triggers can cause a shift alone.  There is also the possibility that something else may be needed in addition to the triggers for a shift.  Also during our conversation I mentioned that I wasn’t really affected by anything.  I told him of my small, random mental shifts and he said that it sounded like I was “back at the beginning of shifting”.  I was honestly concerned and puzzled that he said this.  He explained further by saying “Think of it like the first gear of a car but its still stuck in that gear”.  He then recommended an energy exercise where another person “hits” me with their energy which may make something happen.  A second energy exercise I could try where I basically relax, and build up my energy.  Some interesting suggestions that I may have to try out soon.

Overall, I’ve been cautious with the warnings.  Although I haven’t felt affected by anything, BB has been hit pretty hard by the wave of energy.  I suppose this time Noah is right and I’ll just keep an eye on BB and stay cautious myself.  I forgot to mention earlier that Noah mentioned that he couldn’t tell me the exact nature of the wave of energy because there was some kind of risk in telling me.  He said that it would be better in person.  I’m honestly not holding out too much to see him in person, but I do hope he will at least explain about the wave of energy and help things along.