With everything kicking up again with changes of energy, strange warnings, and all of the unknown rearing its ugly head to taunt me, I can’t help but feel impatient.  Why? Well, let’s start with the basics.  Shifting: I still strongly believe in physical shifting and have seen partial shifts happen before my eyes.  How does it work? I have numerous theories and various pieces of the puzzle, but few that make any sense with some seemingly major components missing.  I have very little experience personally with physical shifting.  This honestly causes me a lot of doubt, yet things keep happening that keep me going.  Next, the entire long story and history going on with Noah.  I do admit it is a very strange and interesting sequence of events that keep happening, but honestly I want answers.  I want to finally meet this guy with cryptic messages, unexplained sight, and possible answers on shifting.  I’m ready for this game of clue to end so I can hopefully use whatever I learn to move on and help myself and hopefully others.  Also, Noah often implies that there are others (by others I mean either more wolves and/or shifters).  How many others and if there are that many, maybe I can learn the answers I’m seeking.  I honestly wish something would finally give.

I’ve often been told “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”, “just give it time”, or my personal favorite “patience is a virtue”.  I realize that much of this may be answered in time, but I’m running on 7, nearly 8 years since I began this journey and over 3 years since Noah had originally messages my brothers and I.  I’m really wanting something that feels like I’m still moving forward and not stuck in the same place.