In a lot of the younger therian community, a lot of people will talk about their therian self as another person/entity, often naming that self.  Though I do go by Sol in the therian community and feel a strong connection with that name, I don’t necessarily consider myself being two different beings/entities.  The tricky thing is, often it can feel like it is two.  Lately I’ve been diving more into my subconscious a little more and found that I really don’t know nor understand what is in my subconscious.  I’ve often used the example that being a wolf is like learning a new skill that you never realized you had.  It’s very much like that on a much more intense level, at least I feel it is.  The little I’ve tapped into, I find that I’m very defensive, and even paranoid. When feeling threatened, I have a very violent and fierce reaction due to fear.  Normally I’m a very calm person, peaceful, and try to think most of my decisions through.  The more primal side of me, not so much.  Now the trick is trying to go deeper and figure myself out more.  It’s definitely a step in knowing myself better, and hopefully get another piece to this huge puzzle.