So these days in the whole “therian community”, there are all kinds of groups on facebook in addition to the sites out there.  I usually just lurk around, commenting here and there.  Well, not too long ago I decided to speak up in a post about physical shifting.  BIG mistake.  So I ended up being bashed by people going on about how the laws of physics prove that physical shifting…blah…blah…impossible.  Yes, I understand that point of view, and I’m all for a debate, but I did have a problem with the attitude I was given.   I was treated as an ignorant person just wanting attention just for stating my beliefs and sticking to it.  This angered me more than anything.  I’m not looking for everyone to agree with me.  If anything, I enjoy a good debate.  I just wish that it could have been more than “oh, he’s just looking for attention” and other various bashing.  I stayed respectful throughout the harsh words.  So eventually the conversation was deleted after me having the last word (small immature victory!) with “we all have a lot to learn, but as soon as we think we know everything that is when we truly know nothing” origin unknown.

Shortly after I get a nice friend request from another believer in physical shifting.  Great, I’d love to compare notes.  Think again! I was speaking to a young woman who thinks it strange to consider myself human.  Pull out a mirror! Ok. I’ll let that go. Maybe you have your reasons for that.  She then continued to interrogate me about why I didn’t consider myself a wolf rather than a human and why I considered myself both human and wolf.  She tried to use the analogy about people only being male or female, which I was only too glad to point out that there are rare cases of people being born with both sex organs ;).  Of course she found that strange and brushed it off.  She then proceeded to go on about those of us who are “real wolves” and how only real wolves can physically shift, how she (in so many words) looked down on “humans”, and how she refused to consider herself a human despite being born one.  So I politely dismissed myself, giving the reason that I don’t feel either of us would really grow from further conversation.  

I felt very disappointed by the whole situation.   Looked down upon because I believe in physical shifting, considered odd for keeping some logic and common sense during this whole strange journey.  I have some great friends I speak to here and there about shifting and all of this, but I really felt like the general therian community has been getting worse.  Either they aren’t open minded or tolerant enough to disagree, or I attract the crazies who feel superior to “humans”.   So, rejected for not being logical, but considered strange for not denying my humanity.  I wish I could meet more genuine people to share experiences with.  But for now I’ll continue my lurking.