So lately I’ve been remembering my dreams again.  It started while I was visiting family over Christmas and new years.  With the incident with my dad, it’s no surprise that I’ve had nightmares concerning him.  That’s not what I’ll be talking about here though.

This particular dream really had me thinking when I woke up.  It started out as a usual odd dream for me.  I was back in my old elementary school, doing high school classes (makes perfect sense, right?).  At one point I realized, hey, I’m dreaming.  I then got the brilliant idea to attempt lucid dreaming.  Well, I started trying to change the dream.  Then I found it very difficult to move, like some unknown force working against me.  I sensed some kind of danger, so I ran down the hall (rather slowly).  I made my away from the slow area and ended up talking to someone else in the dream.  He was an old friend from high school.  He told me he knew it was a dream too.  We sensed the thing that caused the slow movement and began to run away from it.  Behind us, it felt like the walls were closing in.  We made our way through a door that led to a backstage area where we lost whatever it was.  I tried doing something again once some time had passed in the dream.  I was in another classroom filled with familiar faces from high school, but once again, still the wrong place.  I tried to create a ball of energy.  Something seemingly simple in the dream I would think.  Once again the dream started working against me, movement becoming difficult.  I started running out of the room slowly, this time some of the people behind me seemed to stay behind.  I made my way down a hall and saw another familiar face.  This time I saw his face begin to change and the familiar slowing sensation; I turned around to see him do a forward roll towards me and his body become contorted and emerge as a zombie like creature with a twisted body.  I ran as fast as I could with the world collapsing on me, trying to pull me down.  I woke up shortly after.

Now the two biggest question I had in this dream are as follow: 1. Why did my own dream work against me. 2. How was someone in my dream, something part of my own conscious, able to help me in such a way.  I know there are parts I cannot remember where he helped me that I could not include in the description of the dream, but he was able to lead me out.  A third question arises now:  3. why couldn’t I change or even do simple energy work in the dream?  I’ve been able to do some pretty incredible things in other dreams, what made this one so different?  I’m sure these are occurrences that may be answered at a later time or maybe even not at all.  Still makes me wonder regardless.  I will continue to try to do things in my dreams and see if anything changes.