So last night I had a very strange and disturbing dream.  I’m not even sure what to think of it honestly.  It started out fairly normal. I just saw a lot of old faces of friends from high school. It was some kind of gathering or party.  It was nice to see some of the faces. Then, somehow I ended up with my family in a small house.  There was a small living room upon entering, connecting to a small kitchen, and a small hallway to the right.  My brother set up this weird, obviously dark ritual in the kitchen. It involved a gray, stone bowl of some kind. I don’t know what all he did to set it up, but the bowl was smoking like coals were burning in it, heat radiating from it. Then, big black rats started swarming to it, piling up in each other.  Some burning up inside the bowl, others biting, even eating each other. White, fleshy, and bloody remains as well as ashes were left at the bottom of the bowl. Somehow I ended up doing something to “interrupt” it.  A few rats fell on the floor running around.  White bloody remains fell onto the floor and some down the sink drain.  There was a very dark and negative feeling during the entire ritual. Then my family said they had to start it all over again sounding more disappointed than upset.  I woke up right after they started gathering things for a second attempt.

This dream obviously disturbed me.  I can’t even imagine what caused this kind of dream or even why.  The disturbing images still pop up in my head throughout the day. It started my day off with a fairly bad feeling that I eventually shook off fortunately.