So two people who I have spoken to for a while have been great friends to me.  They kind of remind me of shoulder angels except for instead of good and evil, one is much more calm, the other a little crazier, impulsive even, but they always give me a good insight and push me for better.

The calmer one who has gone by Runningwolf in the community.  He recently made me realize what in life I care for most.  I admit for a little while I was considering completely leaving a lot of this stuff behind.  I spoke to Runningwolf about what I was considering.  Essentially it just came down to this.  What makes me happy?  I took a good time to consider this along with my possible choices in life. In the end I came to a cliche` “Kingdom Hearts” realization.  I value my friends most.  I do value my family and those who have been close to me, but some friends have become part of my family.  We help each other through the hard parts of life and do our best to pick each other up.  Some have moved far, but those who are still close remind me of how happy I really am where I am and trying to achieve.  Even some of my friends who I have not met in person (such as the two I mentioned in the beginning) have made a difference in my life. As simple as the realization seems, it helps me keep going.

Volk on the other hand is more of a “wild” guy.  A deep thinker, yet very much acts on instinct.  He always seems fascinated or excited about life.  He definitely keeps me on my toes when sharing about things.  He asks the good questions, pushes me to look at things in a new light, and most of all, makes me appreciate my life.  Some aspects of my life seem to get dull and boring at times, but Volk definitely reminds me that although sometimes things slow down, I have plenty to look forward to.  My life can appear normal to anyone who just takes a glimpse at me, but in reality it’s not.  It’s a unique life with plenty of new and exciting surprises to look forward to and explore.  I may have to be patient during some of the slower times, but I definitely have chosen a path in life that is unlike any other.

I couldn’t ask for better friends.  They keep me on track, ask the good questions, and most of all support me.  As my mother once said “Good friends are like a good bra, Always very supportive”.